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Where academic rigor meets real-world relevance. Our programs cultivate informed, open-minded, and adaptable graduates, proficient in technology, business acumen, and societal impact. We foster a lifelong passion for learning and empower future job creators with excellent communication and analytical skills.

Join us for a transformative educational journey.

Intakes in Jan, May and September 2024
Irene Kinyua
Head of Department Finance
Accounting & Economics

I am delighted to welcome you to the Finance, Accounting & Economics department where we transform & expose you to a wide range of accounting, auditing, finance, investment and other careers.

Dr. Johnstone Kuya, PhD
Head of Department
Business Management

The Quality of our education not only offers the necessary tools but also the “how” of using these tools in dealing with real life issues. Life is a matter of shaping and re-shaping and it is only with such refined educational tools that we can get this true meaning.