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Where academic rigor meets real-world relevance. Our programs cultivate informed, open-minded, and adaptable graduates, proficient in technology, business acumen, and societal impact. We foster a lifelong passion for learning and empower future job creators with excellent communication and analytical skills.

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Intakes in Jan, May and September 2024
Nelly Mburu
School of Health Sciences

Our bodies are the most valuable assets we can ever have. Health is wealth! On this note, the School of Health Sciences is geared towards producing competent health professionals committed to promoting, restoring and maintaining health and wellness of the community. We currently offer diploma and certificate programs in Public Health, Community Health, Nutrition and Dietetics and Health Records and IT. Join us and experience quality education you have always imagined!

John Kimanthi
Department of Health Science

A passionate advocate for health and a distinguished researcher in the School of Health Sciences garnering attention in innovation and potential impact on healthcare practices. Inspires students to explore the intersection of research and practical health solutions.