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Where academic rigor meets real-world relevance. Our programs cultivate informed, open-minded, and adaptable graduates, proficient in technology, business acumen, and societal impact. We foster a lifelong passion for learning and empower future job creators with excellent communication and analytical skills.

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Intakes in Jan, May and September 2024
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Edwin Muna
Head of Department
Education & Languages

Welcome to the Department of Education and Languages in the School of Education. The department designs and offers market driven programs, champions research in the thematic areas and is keen on producing qualified, dynamic and innovative graduates. Currently, it domiciles all Education, Kiswahili, English and Literature courses. Our students taking Kiswahili are required to take an additional subject offered by other departments. The Department of Education and Languages also offers Diploma courses in Early Childhood Development  Education, Special Needs Education and, Education (Arts)

Sheelah Ambani
Head of Department
Geography, History & Religion

We are offering programmes of study for undergraduate and diploma students. Currently working on establishing Masters Programs in History, Geography and Religion. The department is home to a vibrant and dynamic community of Scholars, where undergraduates choose these subjects as teaching subjects. Our BED (Arts) program trains students to become skilled scholars and effective teachers.