Date and time
14 Dec 2023 04:39 PM- 14 Dec 2023 04:39 PM
Gretsa University, Thika

In the heart of Gretsa, we've nurtured global citizens equipped with knowledge, compassion, and the skills to make a lasting impact on the world. Our graduates are not just students; they are ambassadors of change, ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

As we witness dreams taking flight as our graduates receive their well-earned diplomas. Each piece of parchment represents not just academic achievement but also the resilience, dedication, and countless hours of hard work that have shaped these individuals into the accomplished professionals they are today.

🌟 Congratulations, Class of 2023:

To the graduates of Gretsa University's 14th class, your achievements illuminate our halls with pride. May your journey beyond these walls be filled with continued success, meaningful contributions, and the fulfillment of your dreams. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone!